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It’s reached that time of year where the garden has gradually turned into a mossy wilderness, bare twigs and a carpet of leaves everywhere you look.  I admit that I’m a fair weather gardner, and tend to the garden with love and affection from March to the end of August.  I’d love to take the Gardeners World advice of keeping up with the maintenance of the garden through the autumn and winter months, but quite frankly the back door shuts half way through September, and I then ignore it all until March, apart from occasionally shoo-ing the children out in their wellies to get some fresh air.  I then moan about how messy it all is and the cycle starts again.

I did tiptoe my way into the garden yesterday, for a little look to see what remains from the summer, and the answer is very little.  I cut most of the hydrangea’s for drying and everything else looks very bare, except for these beautiful, almost fluorescent purple tiny flowers, standing proud on tall, skinny stalks.

The plant in question is verbena bonariensis.  Garden centre’s love to charge a fortune for them, but they are easy peasy and cheap as chips to grow by seed.  They are very tall, and add a magical, meadow feel to any garden in the summer, the flowers almost glow they are so bright.  They look very pretty lined up in vintage glass bottles, perhaps as a dining table centrepiece.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tamsyn x

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  • I'm a fellow fair weather gardener, I realised only recently that I had been neglecting the things that were growing in my greenhouse after tending to them lovingly everyday in the warm months – note I say 'were growing' 🙂

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