Lilac From My Garden

Hello everyone!

I hope things are good with you.  It’s been a busy 6 weeks or so here, with lots of work trips (a bit of a shock to the system after this winter’s lockdown!), and generally hectic life.  My eldest has also finished her GCSE’s, which seems like a huge landmark in our lives – I’m so proud of the way both of my children have coped over the last 16 months, and it’s very much a relief to have this part of school finished with.

So, here are some photos to soothe the soul I hope!  The lilac from my tree wasn’t quite as impressive as it was last year, and I heard from many other gardeners that the combination of a hot, dry summer last year, and frosts this year made a difference to the blooms.  What few blooms I did have, I avoided snipping for as long as possible, until a work trip came up, and I decided to cut them so I could take some pics.  This lilac was a cheap and cheerful one from a budget supermarket about 5 years ago, but it has the loveliest, almost chunky petals.  Plus it smells divine!  It’s now about 10ft tall.

In other news, I have some new doors in my studio that I’m over the moon with.  I have lived here 7 years now, and the old door was a rotten, single pane door, and the mortar on the outside had all comes loose and woodworm had munched away at the frames.  So it had to go, not only for appearances sake, but also for security.  The new ones are contemporary, but frame the garden perfectly and let in so much more light.  So of course I have redecorated the room to go with the doors, and I will take some snaps to share with you.

Have a wonderful new week, I went to the Arthur Swallow Decorative Home & Salvage Show at Beale Park a couple of weeks back, and I will be back this week to share some snaps!

Tamsyn x




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  • Janet Squires

    Beautiful as always Tamsyn and so inspiring. Thank you so much lovely XX

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