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Hello everyone, Happy Sunday!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am giving the craft room a bit of a sort out in preparation for my new blogging/freelance status.  I’m on the lookout for some pretty stationary (I’ve been a stationary addict since I was a little girl), as well as some small storage to make it a practical and inspiring work space.  It’s already a lovely room, but it’s just about moving up to the next level, as I anticipate this is where I will do most of my work.  I’m thinking another cork inspiration board like this one (in one of my first posts!  It seems like a lifetime ago!) to collect scraps of little things that inspire me would be a good thing to make, and I probably need to look for a decent office chair.  I’m not sure if beautiful office chairs exist, but I will let you know how I get on!  Maybe an industrial lamp with a retro feel would be good to have too, for when the nights draw in.

So in the meantime, here’s my favourite corner of the craft room.  I’m afraid July has run away with me somewhat after all my festival/birthday fun.  It’s been a super lovely but crazy busy month, and I’m sad I didn’t get to do my Styling The Seasons post for July (here’s my post from July last year), but my August post will make up for it!

Have a wonderful day.

Tamsyn x

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