Living Room Re-Shuffle

Hello everyone!

I know I am not alone in admitting that there are occasions, when I stand in a room and think “Maybe that huge piece of furniture would look amazing if I moved it over there…?”.  Rather than properly considering the pros and cons, I then get a bee in my bonnet, and have to shift absolutely everything around, right there and then.  As they say, a change is as good as a rest, so why not try new layouts for a fresh view in your home?  As long as you accept that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, then it can be fun to have a move around, if only for a season.  In the summer you might want  to make a room more spacious and streamlined, but come winter it’s nice to bring an occasional table into the mix to rest your book and hot cocoa on.

Here’s a teaser of my new living room layout I’m trying out.  I must confess that as soon as I shifted everything round, I didn’t love it.  However within a coupe of days it had really grown on me, and makes the room look so much bigger, which is nice for these bright, hot summery days.  Will I shift it all back as Autumn beckons?  Almost certainly! In the meantime I’m loving this little corner with it’s accents of dusky pink and lilac.

Tamsyn x




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