Lovely Lollies

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a good week!

I made these lollies the other day with my son, who is five.  A distraction was needed, as the children were squabbling, and I’m starting to run out of ideas for entertainment as we are nearing the end of the summer holidays!  My daughter is less keen on kitchen based activities, but my son, who is a big fan of anything that can be munched upon, is an enthusiastic chef.  I’m not able to give you a coherent recipe as once I plonked the ingredients in front of him, he pretty much put lots of everything in – what I can tell you is that we used strawberry yoghurt, chopped raspberries, coconut milk and a little honey.  The lollies do taste a little tart, so I think we might try and find an actual recipe to use next time!  It was fun to do though, and kept us amused for twenty minutes or so.

I searched quite a few places for lolly moulds before finding these rocket shaped ones in the 99p Store in Norwich – my day was made!  For your 99 pence you get two sets of six moulds, which is pretty amazing.  They also come with brightly coloured sticks, which are fine, but being the fussy so and so that I am, I had a vision.  That vision involved buying traditional wooden lolly sticks, which you can get from Lakeland for a couple of pounds.

The fabric in the background is a gorgeous vintage duvet cover which I got from car boot fair last weekend – I adore the print!

Have a lovely weekend!

Tamsyn x

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