Magnolia In Its Splendour

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend?

The glorious weather this past week has encouraged to get out, wander and explore with my camera.  I think that my adventure in Paris really has given me the bug.  Pounding the pavements and looking for snippets of beauty to capture has become my new addiction.  I love that it gets me out of my comfort zone, and I now notice things in my home town that I’ve never noticed before.

Majestic magnolia…

For example, I have never, ever noticed this magnolia tree growing  next to Norwich Cathedral.  Beautiful old architecture and blossom make for a truly magical sight.  And I’ve never appreciated that there is a bicycle advertising a cafe permanently chained to these railings, next to a church and below another glorious magnolia tree.  I’ve lived in Norwich for 18 years (Oh gosh!  18 years…), and I’m finally noticing these happy sights.  Still, better late than never, and I’ve already recce’d the raspberry pink cherry blossom trees, which are about to open any day now.

In the garden…

This week has also brought about a frenzied tidy up in the garden.  I’ve scrubbed decking, pulled weeds, and mowed the lawn.  And actually, just doing those things has pretty much brought it back to how it’s meant to be – a little oasis of calm.  It’s now time to sow seeds for vegetables and flowers to grow at the allotment, and I plan to give the front garden a good refresh in preparation for the dahlias I plan to plant there.  (I’m so excited to see the dahlias I have chosen this year!)

The children and I went to our first car boot fair of the season last week!  I came back with some beautiful treasures, which I will snap this week to share with you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tamsyn x


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  • Julie

    It is lovely to see spring pop up in your part of the world Tamsyn as we go into autumn here. The autumn has been lovely but its turned really cold now. We had a very hot summer so it was nice to welcome autumn in. I look forward to seeing your dahlias 🙂

  • Janet Squires

    Beautiful photography Tamsyn, thank you so much XX

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