Mismatched Vintage Plates


This year has been an excellent year for building up my crockery collection.  I had so many lucky finds at the car boot fairs.  Especially antique and vintage plates!  I’ve found so many lovely ones, many far from perfect with chips, cracks, and signs of age.  But the designs are so pretty, and I love mismatched plates, I’ve never been a ‘everything needs to match’ person.

Once I realised I had a really gorgeous collection, I really wanted to put them out on display, rather than hiding them in a cupboard.  So I started looking out for a cottage style pine plate rack.  One of the best things about buying vintage and preloved, is that you know you might have to wait a while until the right piece comes along.  It teaches us to be patient, and to choose wisely, picking something we really love and that we will cherish.

I kept an eye on eBay, and Gumtree, at fairs and car boot fairs.  Eventually this one popped up at my local auction house, I think I paid about £25 for it.  (I never go to the actual auctions, I always bid online.)  A good scrub and a whitewash of paint, and it was good to go.

I’m not precious about these plates, we use them every day.  I used one for beans on toast earlier!

Have a lovely weekend folks.  My last blog post is here in case you missed it.  It’s December next week, I need to start thinking about adding some festive flourishes around the house!

Tamsyn x




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