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Hello everyone!

I’ve used the Moldiv photo app on my phone for the last 18 months or so, to make my photo collages that I sometimes post, and I’ve always really loved it.  The other day, the app told me that there was a new and improved version, so of course I updated.  Now not only do they do collages which are super easy to just drop your phone snaps into, but now you can also make beautiful magazine spreads within the app.  I decided to treat myself and splurge the £4.99 necessary to unlock more of the layouts, as well of tons of filters.  The result of this is that I’ve lots of fun the last few days playing with the magazine layouts, which I love!  I don’t find the text easy to edit which is frustrating, and I’m not keen on some of the headers that you can’t seem to change, but I’m still experimenting with it so we will see if I can work that out!

There is also now a beauty app within Moldiv which means that when you take a snap of yourself (sorry, selfie!) it automatically smooths everything out and makes you look 20 years younger.  Now I’m normally a girl who likes to keep it all real, but even I am loving that!

I’m still tinkering with my Christmas decorations, so I will take some more pictures today to share with you.  Have a fabulous day!

Tamsyn x




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  • Wow! Never one for selfies but even I may try that lol.
    Gorgeous pics as always lovely xx

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