Mollie Makes Calendar 2018!

Hello everyone!

You may remember that back in
August, I was squirrelling away on a big project, that I was very excited about but could not yet reveal what it was.  I’m overjoyed to finally be able to reveal it today, as it’s now on the shelves!  When the Mollie Makes team approached me in June to ask if I’d be interested in styling and shooting their calendar for 2018, my heart skipped a beat.  What an incredible opportunity!  Could I do it justice?  What a huge honour, and a huge responsibility.  Mollie Makes readers absolutely love the calendar that comes with the Christmas issue, so the pressure was on!  I had to make it beautiful.

But oh my goodness, what an amazing experience it was.  For a week in August when the children where on holiday with their Dad, I turned my whole house into a photographic studio, with little vignettes in every corner.  I loved every moment, and it gave me the chance to really hone my photography skills.  The Mollie Makes team had really beautiful ideas for the makes, which they gave me lots of guidance on.  I spent three or four days completely immersed in crafting and making, before styling my makes and then photographing them.

I’d like to thank the Mollie Makes team for giving me this amazing opportunity to create their 2018 calendar.  I made it with love, and I would be so happy to hear from you if you have it up on your kitchen or workspace wall!  Tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see your snaps!  There are also some really pretty stickers with the issue, so you customise your calendar (although I might use mine on some handwritten letters!).

I’ll be posting my pics from the Southwold Instameet on Saturday so please do pop back.  My new windows are finally in too, and I’m completely in love with them, I can’t stop looking out of them!  I’ve got some decorative work to do around them, but I’ll put together a big before and after post for you.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x


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  • Susan

    I bet this calendar will be beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Wow! What a fab opportunity. I’ll look out for a copy!

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