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Thank you so much to everyone who left a lovely comment on my post last week about my Blogger Burnout.  It turns out that it is perfectly normal to have a creative wobble now and then, and it seems that many bloggers and Instagramers are feeling the pressure too.  I have decided to rewind to a simpler time when it was all about the joy in creating.  Yesterday, I had a clear day, so I put it aside for creating content (e.g. making pretty pictures!).  Once I got into the zone, I was scribbling ideas in my notepad, planning posts, and I even tried a bit of videoing which I’ll share with you this week!

If you are feeling stuck in a rut on Instagram, I highly recommend joining in with the new hashtag #hurrayforplay, which has been set up by the amazing @me_and_orla and @xantheb.  It’s all about bringing the playful, experimental side of shooting pictures back to your feed, and this week the theme is outside or inside.  I am of course mostly an indoor shooting kinda girl, and so I’m being encouraged to think about styling something up outside.  Although this is very much out of my comfort zone, I have some ideas and I’m going to try shooting something a bit different later on today!  It’s  bit like being back at art school, and I’m loving it.

As well as shooting a time lapse video yesterday which I’m really pleased with, I also shot my new LSA cocktail glasses which they have sent me, and I’ll share those with you tomorrow.

Today I’m meeting fellow Norfolk girls, the lovely Paula from The Hill House Diaries blog.  I am truly lucky that I have some wonderful friends through my blogging adventures, and Paula is one of them.  Our chats are always so inspiring, plus we get to have coffee and cake!  Paula has the most beautiful Georgian house, do check out her blog and Instagram to see it.

Have a lovely day!

Tamsyn x


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