My Favourite Pictures from 2013 (Part 1)

February – Pretty Pastels

March – Vintage Coronation Tins

Hello everyone!

Well here we are, standing on the edge of 2014.  On New Year’s eve 2012, I made two resolutions.  One was to wear more red lipstick.  You will have to take my word for it that I stuck to that one!  The other was to start blogging.  So I sat down, came to Blogger, and made the beginnings of a pretty blog.  I was so excited, but so worried that I wouldn’t find enough to blog about.  What if I ran out of ideas?  I even made a list of potential subjects/items to photograph, a list that I never even looked at after the first week.  (I’ve since learnt that the more you use your creative side, the more inspired you become.)  I thought I’d give it a go, see how it worked out.  I never imagined that one year later, I would have joined such an inspiring, creative community, become so passionate about my photography, learnt to fiddle with HTML code (well, sort of!), and that the blog would have been featured in two lovely magazines.  For lots of very dull, grown up reasons it’s been a tough couple of years, but I feel so proud of how far I’ve come with this little project – I’m definitely having a punch the air ‘YESSSS!’ moment!

So, to celebrate the start of a new year and to look back at 2013, here are my favourite photographs from the first six months of the year, I’ll post Part 2 tomorrow.

 Have a lovely Sunday!

Tamsyn x




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