My Favourite Ways To Style Dahlias

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I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Thank you SO much for your lovely comments on my posts last week, I’m so happy you enjoyed my little ‘post every day’ challenge!  I loved sharing a few snaps and some words with no pressure involved (like the ‘good old days’!)

Today I’m sharing these pics from the current Issue of Reclaim Magazine (Issue 42, out in the shops now).  I shared some of my tried and tested ways of styling up dahlias, so here you go!

Dahlias have steadily made their way back from the realms of the unfashionable, and are now a bloom to be celebrated.  I’m a bit of a lazy gardener, I have neither the time or patience to create the perfectly manicured garden.  One thing however that I do love to grow, is the humble dahlia.  Available in a kaleidoscope of colours and different petal shapes, they make a stunning cut flower all the way from July to the first frosts.

Jam Jar Displays

Dahlias are cut and come again blooms, so the more you cut, the more buds you will see.  You can have a steady supply of flowers all summer and autumn.  Keep it simple by displaying them in large jam jars or vintage bottles.

Dahlia growing tip : Start your tubers off in large pots first, then transport into the ground when they are bushy.

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Jars and Vintage bottles are easy enough to find at car boot fairs, or just wash and reuse your coffee and jam jars.

A Welcome Gift

I absolutely love making bunches of dahlias to give to friends.  So much nicer than imported, refrigerated supermarket flowers, simply wrap your blooms in tissue paper, or as I have here, old sheet music.  You could even use old newspaper!  Tie with pretty ribbon or rafia.

Dahlia growing tip : Blackfly can be a real problem, but avoid using chemical sprays, and be patient – the ladybirds will in time come and do their thing.  In the meantime, gently wash the flies off the stems with water.

Sources –

Vintage sheet music : I’ve found piles of old sheet music at car boot fairs before, try or Etsy.

Recycled sari fabric ribbon : The Old Haberdashery

Decorative Urn

As much as I love the simplicity of placing a few stems in a jar, dahlias are also fantastic in a full floral display.  With long, tough stems their vase life is long and they make an excellent focus blooms when mixed with greenery.  Avoid using oasis (it’s a micro plastic) and instead use chicken wire to make a base at the bottom of a heavy urn.

Dahlia displaying tip : There are lots of floral workshops now (I made this hand tied bunch at English Peonies), or you can get lots of tutorials on YouTube and Instagram.

Sources :

Mustard velvet curtain panel in background : I always have a look in charity shops for velvet curtains, to use as backdrops or to make cushions from.

Antique urn : I got this urn from an auction, I then painted it white.

Reclaimed wooden pediment : Try reclamation yards for similar.

Dahlias used throughout : A mix of my own homegrown blooms, and also from English Peonies

This issue of Reclaim is special to me, because for the first time I have a photo on the front cover!  My first ever home tour feature, which is very exciting!

Have a brilliant day folks!

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