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Hello everyone!

I was lucky enough to get an Anthropologie voucher from my lovely friends at work, for my birthday which was last week.  I am pretty excited, as I love their mugs.  Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but for someone who loves tea as much as I do, they have a practical use too!  The turquoise patterned mug you see in the picture above was a purchase when I last went to Anthro for their A/W preview.  I’m looking forward to filling my shelf hooks with more of these deliciously patterned mugs.

It is currently pouring with rain here, so my plans to do some work in the garden are most definitely on hold!  My dahlia plants have survived the many slug attacks and now have fat buds on them, so close to bursting open with colour.  I can’t remember which type I’ve planted where, so I’m looking forward to that element of surprise when they unfurl their petals for the first time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tamsyn x

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