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Hello everyone!

Are you all ready for some festive sparkle?  Today I’m so happy to share my feature from the current issue of Reclaim magazine.  (This is the issue that I have two features in, so exciting!)

My brief for the Christmas issue, was tinsel. Yes tinsel!  Even I, lover of all that is retro and kitsch had to step back for a moment, and ask myself how on earth I was going to pull this one off.  So off I traipsed to the car boot fair in the quest for the sparkly stuff.  And it couldn’t be too modern looking, it needed to either be genuine vintage, or at least have the right colours to fit in with my vision.  By some miracle I managed to add to the small collection I already have, though I do have to giggle at the thought of me in wellies in a field pulling out bits of out tinsel from a large box of Christmas tat.  Anyway, here are my top tips for styling it, from the top!

Styling with tinsel and vintage baubles

Make an alternative Christmas tree by using foraged branches.  Wrap fairy lights round your branch and hang it securely on your wall – I hung mine from nails in my wall using thin wire.  Hang pretty colourful baubles (or plain silver if you fancy a more minimal look) from your branch.  Use tinsel to embellish your gift wrap.

Display your collections in big glass vintage jars.  I absolutely love so much how the tinsel and baubles look in these, so pretty and magical!  They look like old fashioned sweet jars full of deliciousness.    Not only that but it sort of keeps them contained, which stops it all looking too over the top.  They almost look like exhibits in a museum when displayed like this.

Use tinsel to make a simple wreath.  Use an embroidery hoop, and wrap your tinsel round and round, fastening with tape.  I then hung some of my silver baubles in the middle of it.

Gather all your pastel pretties and display them in old transfer ware bowls.  I made a next first of all using my tinsel, then piled the baubles on top.  So very pretty!

I still haven’t decorated the house, there are a few corners that have been embellished but I am yet to get a big tree.  For me, the anticipation, and faffing around with the ornaments before I hang them, is almost more fun than the actual decorating.  Do check out my post from last year, two ways to decorate a Christmas tree – you can see Part One here, and Part Two here.

I need to rustle up a festive newsletter to get out to you over the next couple of weeks, so do keep an eye out for that!  When you sign up, you do need to confirm that you definitely want to receive it, so do check your inbox and junk folder and make sure you click on that link, otherwise you will not receive it.

Have a wonderful day/evening!

Tamsyn x


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  • Janet Squires

    Beautiful! XX

    • tamsynmorgans

      Thank you so much Janet! Hope you are having a cosy weekend! xx

  • Valerie

    *** just beautiful *** ~ I love your ideas…you are certainly an *inspiration* to me, thank you, and *Merry Christmas* 🙂

  • Stunning and a great inspiration!

  • Beautiful selections!

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