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Hello everyone!

A little still life from a couple of weeks ago…these dahlias are called Sugar Diamond. Last year, I left them in their pot too long before planting out.  This year, the plant is huge!  I love their dusky pink colour, reminiscent of raspberry ripple.  I left the tuber in the ground over the winter – this year I think I’ll mulch it to protect it.

I’m currently melting.  In the UK, we are not used to extended periods of heat.  Yes we get lovely summers, but they are usually peppered with cloudy days and rain showers.  The last time we had rain here in Norwich, was the 2nd June, when I was in Paris with my family.  (Apparently we had 0.4mm on 16th June, but I don’t think that counts!)

I’m hoping to take the children to Felbrigg Hall tomorrow or Friday, I’d love to see their walled garden again.    But we will see how we feel in this heat!

  I’ve been catching up with some DIY projects at home.  I’ve given the living room a bit of a revamp, including a brand new sofa, and I’m still repairing and replastering the bay window in my bedroom.  I can’t wait to share both spaces with you as soon as I’ve finished.

Tamsyn x




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  • Kirsten

    These are beautiful, Tamsyn!
    Incredible heat here as well, in Germany. I was wondering if we might get to see some pictures of the make-over of your daughter´s room. I remember you showed some wallpaper you had printed for her, and I´ve been curious ever since…

    • tamsynmorgans

      Hello Kirsten, thank you so much! You are absolutely right, thank you so much for reminding me – I will get that shot to share over the next week or so!

  • lovely photos!

    • tamsynmorgans

      Thank you so much Susan!

  • Susan

    Beautiful flowers! Arizona and Texas are having lots of hot weather too!

    • tamsynmorgans

      Thank you so much Susan! Gosh yes I bet our heat here is nothing compared to yours! We’re just a bit unprepared for it here in the UK. I bet Arizona is beautiful!

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