Opulent Autumnal Hues

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!

In a nod to the Autumnal weather which is fast approaching, I had a burning desire to pull together shades of burnt umber and russet.  There’s nothing more cosy and comforting than opulent shades of burgundy, gold and turmeric, mixed with dusky pinks and olive green.  Velvet adds a deeply luxurious feel to a sofa or bed (I really need more velvet in my life!).  I’m not sure I could decorate a whole room in these shades, but I do love to add accents here and there as the nights draw in.  And candles, lots of gorgeous scented candles!

It has been a busy week here (I’ll share what I’ve been up to next week), so I’m really looking forward to a day of pottering at home tomorrow with the youngsters.  On Saturdays we do love to hibernate – I might even bake a cake!

I have sorted my Bloglovin’ issue out (I had to merge my followers from the old blog to the new one) so if  you like to follow blogs via Bloglovin, then you can find me here.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tamsyn x

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  • delicious post, I’ve had to order some of that sari ribbon from The Old Haberdashery. You are a constant inspiration xx

    • tamsynmorgans

      Ah thank you so much Janice, this is so lovely to hear – you too are a huge inspiration to me. So glad you were able to order some of that ribbon, it’s just gorgeous! Hope we can create some lovely pics again soon xx

  • Sue

    Lovely post as always. Oooh I need more velvet in my life too. It’s actually hard to find velvety things isn’t it? Wonder why as it’s the most gorgeous fabric, ever!

    • tamsynmorgans

      Thank you so much Sue, and yes I couldn’t agree more, velvet is so amazing but not easy to find on the high street!

  • Anna Filatov

    Hi there, would you mind sharing where you got these beautiful shades? I’m looking for something like this for a restaurant I’m designing. Thanks!


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