Our Christmas Tree

Hello everyone!

Here’s our tree in the living room this year, which I think is very handsome (even if I do say so myself!) The needles however, drop as soon as anyone even dares to breathe near it! Anyway, we plonked it in this rather battered old dolly tub, and it sat for ten days just with fairy lights on, before L and I set to work on Friday with the baubles. We went for silver and peachy pinks. Maybe next year I’ll do silver and pale blue. Instead of a star, we found this paper wheel which I made a few years ago, which seems to suit it.

Gift wrap this year, is brown paper, as it is more easily recycled. For ribbon, I went through my fabric stash and tore strips from a pretty floral linen, and I also reused some red ticking strips recycled from last year. We stamped brown labels too.

I’ve got a bit of a thing for old paint buckets, so I filled these three with baubles for a mix of rustic and shiny, which I love.

Anyway, Happy Christmas Eve Eve folks! I’ve still got more festive pics to share, so I’ll be back tomorrow.

Tamsyn x


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