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Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had lovely, festive weekend?  I’ve had some work to do, but I’ve also made  really good start on the Christmas decorating.  I know it seems late, but I’ve never been a’decorate at the start of December’ kind of gal.  Plus real trees look a bit droopy if you put them up too early.  Over the next ten days I will really enjoy added touches here and there, until the house is a treasure trove of vintage baubles and fairy lights.

I love to do something a little different every year, and this year is the biggest change yet.  As I have eight people for Christmas Day (myself, the children, their dad, very dear mutual friends of ours – we have done this every year since I moved here), I decided that for a change, I’d turn the studio into a dining room.  I thought it would give us a little bit more space, plus I don’t have to sit and look at the dishes piling up in the kitchen!  Not only that, but on Boxing Day, my parents and my brother come to stay for a few days.  I’m making a seating area in the current dining room, so that we can all spread out a bit – my house isn’t huge, and by the time you get me and the kids, plus another three adults here – it starts to feel a bit cramped.  I will share some photos of the dining room as a seating area this week!

This is all only a temporary thing of course, but I think it will work well for the festive period.  So, here are some snapshots I took of the ‘new’ dining room this afternoon.  I have to say, I’m kinda loving it!  I still need to finish decorating it completely, and that tree needs some pastel vintage baubles I think.  The fireplace needs some gorgeous styling too.  So be prepared for more Christmas decor posts this week!

Here are some of my favourite Christmas decor posts from the archive – 2016Last year part 1, and Last year part  2.

Next I will be sharing my alternative Christmas tree that I made out of sticks for Reclaim Magazine!  It sounds odd, but I think you will love it!

Tamsyn x


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