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Hello everyone!

It’s fair to say that my kitchen has seen better days.  This was a shared house before I moved here, and three gentlemen rented rooms from a fourth, who owned it.  Before that the house had been bedsits, which goes to explain a lot of the sad old carpet, locks on every door, and telephone lines running to every room.  The kitchen has a distinctly studenty feel to it, and like many of the other rooms in the house, housekeeping was not a priority.  Ok I’m being polite here, what I really mean is – it was filthy.  The old lino on the floor is frankly terrifying, and still feels sticky no matter how many times I wash it!  Although the kitchen is fine for the time being, I’m hoping that by the summer I will have stripped it bare ready to rebuild my way, with a lot of help from my Dad and his amazing carpentry skills.

What I do love about it though, are the subway tiles and the open shelving.  Although I will redo the shelving, I’m hoping we will be able to save the tiles.  The shelves are perfect for displaying my mismatched collection of vintage pieces along with some pastel coloured TK Maxx finds.  Two weeks ago, my Dad and I emptied the attic at the back of the house, which was full of stuff left by the people who lived here in the 1970’s/80’s.  There was mostly a lot of rubbish, along with some fantastic stuff which I will share with you another time!  What I did find though, were these teacups and this little bud vase, which all look perfectly at home on these shelves.

It sounds very silly and romantic I know, but finding vintage pastel teacups in my attic is another little thing that makes me feel like I was meant to live here, and breathe life into this house.

Tamsyn x




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