Pastel Velvet Flowers

Hello everyone!

The light was so lovely yesterday afternoon that I made the most of it by taking some photos.  A bit of pastel pretty for a Thursday!  The clocks go back on Saturday, which means it will become more challenging to take pictures once velvety darkness of winter is upon us.

We have something in Norfolk called the Fairy Fair a tiny mini festival of all things fairy, pirate and nature, with a heavy dose of live music and delicious food thrown in for good measure.  It’s an organisation set up to try and reconnect people with nature – they have bell tents and teepees where they do children’s workshops – wand making, make a mini fairy garden, and elf training camp.  I have taken my children a few times, and it is absolutely magical, I highly recommend it if you are in this neck of the woods.  The next one is in May and if I manage to get tickets I’ll take some photos to share with you.

Anyway, I digress – they have beautiful little market stalls at the fair, and a couple of years ago I bought these little velvet flowers from one particularly pretty stall.  Once I got home I regretted not buying more, I love their vintage colours so much – if any of you know of anywhere that sells flowers like this, please do let me know!

Tamsyn x

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