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Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a fab week so far!

Printing my own photo’s at home has always been a bit hit and miss.  I used to fork out an absolute fortune for Canon inks and Canon paper to go in my yep you’ve guessed it, Canon printer.  In order to try and be a bit thriftier, I then tried cheaper inks and paper, only to disappointed with the quality and slightly faded colours.

However, since then my style of photography has changed, and the cheaper inks and papers actually give me exactly the results I love – a slightly faded, vintage feel.  My face lit up when I went into the Pound Shop the other day, and discovered that you can buy packs of 50 6 x 4 photo paper for, ahem, £1.  Which quite frankly is a bargain.

I decided to try printing out some of my Instagram pictures, and I discovered that by formatting them to print in the middle of the paper with a border, and then trimming the top off, I had these really rather lovely vintage Polaroid style prints.  Perfect for making a lovely mini photo album or scrapbooking.  Or hanging on a picture washing line, or even gift tags…so many fab possibilities!

Tamsyn x

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  • Love this idea! I must have at least 300 photos I need to get printed but I just dread the total it will come too, so I've just put it off but I think I'll have to try this, especially for £1 anyway!

    Caitlin x

    • Hi Caitlin, thank you so much! Do try it, I even bought a pack of their printable canvas today to try out, 3 A4 sheets for £1! Thinking I can do my own photo canvases – will share some pics on the blog if it goes well! Tamsyn x

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