Pretty Alfresco Garden Table

Lilac flowers
  • Alfresco vintage picnic table
  • Teacup chandelier
  • Lilac flowers
Alfesco picnic table
  • Alfresco vintage picnic table
  • Lilac flowers
Teacup chandelier
  • Teacup chandelier
  • Alfresco vintage picnic table
Alfesco picnic table
  • Lilac flowers
  • Alfesco picnic table
Alfresco vintage picnic table

Hello everyone!

How are you?  I hope you are keeping safe and well.

I’ve been a bit quiet here, and if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you will know that two weeks ago I started an epic garden makeover project.  I will put all the pics here on another post, but basically I decided to dig up my lawn and replace it with flower beds.  As they say on X Factor, it’s been a journey!!  But with the amazing weather we had, and lockdown time on my hands, it was the perfect to be outside.  I’m so happy with how it is progressing – I’ll share the full details on another post.  I managed to get some hydrangeas in the ground as I knew rain was forecast this week, so they are now settling in and looking nice and lush.

Pretty alfresco table…

Anyway, back to today’s post.  I actually took these photos last year, after I styled this set up for one of my shots for my styling feature for Reclaim Magazine.  (Reclaim Magazine by the way, is currently on a bit of a hiatus, which is sad but totally understandable given the current circumstances.  The issue that was meant to come out now, has been pushed to next month, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it, as I shot the front cover.)

As the lilac is now in bloom again, it’s nice to finally be able to share these snaps with you.  Nothing beats a battered old trestle table with some vintage curtain fabric thrown over it.  Mismatched china and jars of homegrown blooms make for the prettiest alfresco afternoon tea, and I made a teacup chandelier to suspend in the branches of the apple tree.

The buzz of thrifting….

Whilst uploading these photos, it reminded just how much I’m missing thrifting and treasure hunting.  I was fairly sensible last year, and held back from the boot fairs, as I knew I need to get rid of some stuff first before bringing more home.  I was looking forward to getting stuck in again this year, to refresh my prop cupboard.  All in good time though, the adrenaline of treasure hunting will be wonderful when we all get to do it again!

Have a wonderful day folks, I’ll be back later this week.

Tamsyn x

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  • Tracey

    Beautiful! Just gorgeous. Just a question if I may, where is Reclaim magazine sold – I haven’t seen it before but sounds like I need to!!! Can’t wait to see your garden ….

    • Thank you so much Tracey, so kind! The best thing to do to to check out their stockists, is to go to their Instagram (I’ve linked to it in this post). The link to their website will be in their profile there, and I believe the list of their stockists on their website. Give me a shout if you haven any problems finding it!

  • Fabulous Miss K

    Love it!! Me too I am missing wandering around vintage and charity shops. And its coming up to what would have been car boot season too!

    • Thank you so much lovely! Yes I’m really missing it all!!

  • Heidi Folk

    Yes I’m missing treasure hunting too! Your posts help to ease my pain. Thank you

    • Ah thank you so much Heidi, you’ll always find lots of vintage treasure here, pleasure!


    Beautiful pics Tamsyn xxx

    • Thank you so much Collette xxx

  • Janet Squires

    So, so pretty and dreamy Tamsyn. I could pull up a chair and sit there for hours. Thank you so much for sharing such gorgeousness! Lots of love XX

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