Pretty Gatherings of Petals and Vintage China

Hello everyone!

Some pretty eye candy for you all today.  This rustic old work bench is the one I bought a few weeks ago from a vintage dealer in Norwich, and it’s so lovely for still life photography!  This little collection of snaps were all shot on different days, but they fit together nicely I think.

So project bedroom makeover is on the cards for Lola’s bedroom, which is super exciting!  The plasterers came yesterday to do two of her walls, and they also skimmed the nasty old artex on the landing.  Which means I can finally decorate properly there, hurrah!  I’m so pleased Lola’s room is finally done though – because I had to get this house place looking ‘ok’ on a budget as soon as I moved in, Dad and I ‘made good’ in her room, and put lining paper up to cover the crumbling walls.  Gradually this year, the paper was starting to droop and hang off the wall, so it was time to get it sorted.  Autumn always seem to be the time each year that I have a bit more renovating done. Anyway, as she is now 12 years old, we are both putting ideas into the pot which is lovely.  She has pretty strong ideas about what she likes, so I let her have free reign, but I did guide her towards this Pinterest board, as I knew that I would love everything on it!  The colours and decor need to grow with her, right into adulthood – plus I need that room to work for me to, to be another space where I can shoot still life.  It needs to work just as well for her as an 18 year old as it does a 12 year old.  So we are going for something a little moodier, with a striking feature wall, and colour on the remaining walls for the first time in this house (all our walls our white!).  Lots of whimsical and elegant vintage touches too, naturally.  Watch this space!

Thank you for the amazing reaction to my last post (it’s a giveaway!).  You still have until the end of tomorrow to enter.  Please read it all carefully though – it’s open to UK residents only, and whoever wins can choose from the six designs I’ve listed!  Good luck!

Enjoy the rest of your day folks!

Tamsyn x

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