Climbing Flowers (And My New Eve Mattress)

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!

I really love creating these escaping floral installations at the moment.  They’re whimsical, pretty, and fun.  They’re like 3D wallpaper!

I decided to create this one in my bedroom today, as I have been gifted a Hybrid mattress and bedlinen by the folks at Eve Sleep.  As you know dear readers, I only accept gifted products that I need and/or love.  It has been pretty handy over the last few years as I have been making this house into a home, to be given items that I actually need.

I actually purchased a new mattress last year for my bed.  However, in the attic above my bedroom, I have another bed.  (Which one day will be for guests, when I have emptied all the junk out of there!)  On that bed is a mattress that I’m ashamed to say, is at least 18 years old.  Yep.  It needs to go.  So, when the folks at Eve offered me this one, I thought it could go up there and replace the one that has seen better days.

After removing my Eve mattress from it’s shrink wrapping (it arrived rolled up, and you have to wait 4 hours for it to fully inflate after unwrapping!), I thought I’d try it out on my bed first.  So I could take some photographs of course.  I then spent the last few nights sleeping on it.

I have to say dear readers, that mattress is now not going upstairs.  It is staying on my bed, and my other one is going upstairs!  I slept like a baby, it’s firm but the top is perfectly squishy.  The other thing they gifted me, was this gorgeous linen duvet set.  I love the look of crumpled, soft bedlinen, and have fancied some linen sheets for a while, so I’m feeling like the cat that got the cream at the moment.  I will definitely have to have tea in bed in the morning!

Anyway, you can find the Hybrid Mattress here, and the linen bedlinen here.

In other news, my family are coming to stay next week, even my brother who has never been to this house!  It’s mine and my brother’s birthday on Tuesday, and we are going out for a meal to celebrate my Dad’s 70th (which was 2 weeks ago) on Wednesday.  As much as the garden needs rain, I am obviously hoping the sunshine stays for next week!

Have a lovely weekend, I have some photos from a couple of recent magazine features that I’d like to share with you so do pop back.

Tamsyn x

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  • Deborah

    That bedding and those flowers are gorgeous gorgrous gorgeous. Your photos are stunning. I have always loved that washed linen look and those colours are just my favourite. Shame it is so ecpensive. X

  • Hello Tamsyn! Just popping by to see your very lovely updated blog. I enjoy your photography, styling and color palettes immensely – you are such an inspiration! Thank you for putting so much of your heart into your art. See you on Instagram!

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