Pretty Macaroons

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!

My friend gave me these beautiful (and very yummy!) macaroons the other week, and I couldn’t help but set up a little still life and take some pictures.  Their dusky vintage hues, especially in the top picture, remind me very much of the colour palette I’m going for in my living room.  Progress on the house has been slow but steady, and I’m really looking forward to taking some pictures over the weekend to share with you.  The cold, wet weather and a burst heating pipe have been challenges sent to test me more than a little, but none of it dampens my enthusiasm for taking on this dear old house and giving it some love!  I even noticed some buds on my hellebore peeking out from the soil today, which is a sign that the garden is slowly waking from it’s slumber and spring is on it’s way, and with it lighter, brighter days.

I’m posting little snapshots of my progress and sneak peeks regularly over on Instagram at the moment, so please do hop over and visit me here!

Tamsyn x




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