Rainy Day Crafts #1 – DIY Vintage Mood Board

Hello everyone!

Now that the season of dark and gloomy afternoons is upon us here in the UK, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite rainy day crafts with you.  Although I mourned the loss of summer more this year than ever, I’m now very much looking forward to winter, as for me it’s the perfect excuse to get in the craft room and actually create something.

As you know, I love a good mood board – they are a really nice way of pulling ideas, inspirations, and beautiful images together.  Interior designers make mood boards when planning the decor for a room – colour charts, fabric swatches, pictures from magazines.  Maybe you could make a memento board using some holiday memories – photographs, a beautiful postcard, a ticket from the theatre and a feather found on the beach.

This mood board is super easy to make – I of course have gone for a vintage vibe using old ephemera, postcards and other bits and bobs, but you can use any sort of papers and pictures that inspire you.

You will need

A cork pinboard – try Wilko’s or the Range

Dressmaking pins – I use the ones with pearl heads

Pictures, paper, ephemera

Treasures, trinkets, embellishments

I painted my cork board, and by no means do you have to, but I do think it feels more like a blank canvas if it’s painted.  I used a sample pot of emulsion.

I settled down in front of a movie (The Sound of Music – a classic rainy afternoon movie!) and spread my papers out in front of me.  I spent a bit of time arranging them to crate a ‘backdrop’ for my pictures, postcards and embellishments.

I then starting adding my pictures using the dressmaking pins.  Once I was happy with their placement, I then took my sparkly bits, dried flowers and ribbon and pinned them on too.

Don’t get too hung on where you play your treasures – they can always be moved again.  I would say that even my completed board isn’t 100% finished – as I find more bits and bobs I will probably add them here and there to make it really personal and beautiful.

Have fun creating your mood board – tag me on Instagram to show me your creations, I’d love to see what you make!

Tamsyn x




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  • I do love a pretty inspiration board

    Bee happy x

  • I bought myself a large pinboard a month or so ago, to do just this x

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