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I’m sharing the second of my Reclaim features with you today.  This one was from Issue 20, and I love the rustic touches that I was able to play around with in this one!

Bringing a little of the outside in for winter cosiness…

Collect rustic pottery to display faded hydrangeas and seed heads in.  I have developed a bit of a crush on rustic pottery this year, after my trip to the Welsh House in January to style the Spring feature for Reclaim Magazine.  Since then I have picked up these pieces cheaply at car boot fairs, but you can also find pottery aplenty in vintage shops and charity shops.  Do check out local ceramicists and potters though, as this is where you may find some really unique, beautiful pieces.  Artisan cups and bowls add texture and simplicity to your kitchen table.

Look for vintage postcards and artwork to display on your wall with wash tape.  Change them according to the season for an ever changing moodboard.

Instead of leaving beautiful old metal or wood garden furniture outside over winter, bring it in indoors!  Pile high with wool blankets and sheepskin rugs to add cosiness.

Layer up your dining table with lots of soft linens, wood and pottery for a beautiful dining experience.  Forage for seed heads to display in vintage jars or vases down the centre of the table.

Make a rustic mood board, where you can display nature treasures, postcards and a handmade wreath.  I made this wreath by foraging for bendy twigs, which I fixed with wire into a circle.  I added feathers and ivy to mine, but you could add whatever you come across on on your winter walks.  I’ve used a vintage French shutter for my moodboard, but you just as easily use an art canvas from Hobbycraft, painted or covered in old book pages.

I’m loving shooting and styling my features for Reclaim Magazine – do let me know whether you’re enjoying these features too!  To see more about Reclaim Magazine head over to their website here, and their Instagram here.

The Christmas issue is out now, and I have two features in there, so do grab a copy if you can, otherwise I’ll share some pictures here with you next week!

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