Revamp, Restyle, Reveal!

Hello everyone!

I hope this week has treated you well.  February seems have shot past!

I have very exciting news to share with you all today.  I am taking part in Season three of Revamp Restyle Reveal.  ‘What’s that?’ you ask.  Well, read on my friends!

Revamp Restyle Reveal is a project that was started on Instagram, by brilliant interiors bloggers Lisa Dawson and Bianca Hall.  They pick ten bloggers, who each pick a room in their home to makeover, with the help of some incredible sponsors, who are gifting us paint, paper, furniture and homewares for our projects. But here’s the catch – they only have one month (March!) to complete the project!

I was incredibly flattered to be asked to take part.  My initial thought was that I didn’t really have a space that I wanted to update as yet – and then I thought about my attic.  I initially thought ‘no way!’, far too much work in too short a timescale.  (Keep scrolling to see the before photos!)  Then I went up there and had a good look.  Yes it’s full of junk, yes it’s been top of my list of things to do for the past two years, and yes I could really do with just setting myself the challenge, and getting on with it.  And this is the push I needed to get it done.  I knew that once I committed, there would be no going back.

So, fast forward to today, and season three officially launched this week!  You can see all the other bloggers involved and their room plans on the Revamp Restyle Reveal website here.  You can see little old me on this page here.  I even had to push myself right out of my comfort zone and make a video!

I really am excited that I’m finally claiming back this space for the children and I.  It’s going to be really beautiful, I’ve started the big clear out and it’s a decent sized space with good light.  In the summer the sun streams in through the dorma window.  I envisage us sitting with music and books, maybe even a gin and tonic!  As you can see from the moodboard below, I’m not straying far at all from my usual style.  It will all sit really nicely with some of my vintage pieces for a really eclectic, comfortable look.

At the end of the project, we will each be doing a blog hop to reveal or finished rooms.  In the meantime, I will be sharing my progress over on my Instagram stories.  (Because of the new rules, I will of course be adding the #AD tag to all posts that share items I have been gifted – I am so excited to share the pretty things the sponsors have so generously gifted.)

So without further ado, here are some images of the attic in it’s current state – it could be a lot worse, right?!

So there you are, my attic project in it’s full glory…I’m off continue with my epic clear out, wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

Tamsyn x

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  • Patricia

    I am so excited for you, and very happy that you didn’t pass on this “opportunity of a lifetime”. Easy for me to say. Time restraints and real life can sometimes get in the way of opportunity and best intentions! Your attic is a great space and will rise to the challenge of what I’m sure will be a very stylish and very personal makeover. I am looking forward to seeing the “after”. Best of luck.

    • Bryonna

      ooooh, look at all the gorgeous goodies you have stored up there ! Looking forward to following along on your revamp. I’m about to move across Canada, so am sure your updates will be inspiring for my new apartment. Hope this opportunity brings all kinds of new “riches” your way.

      • tamsynmorgans

        Ah thanks you so much for your kind words Bryonna, really hope you enjoy following along! Oh how exciting, goops luck with the move! x

    • tamsynmorgans

      Ah thank you so much for your kind words Patricia, it was definately a good opportunity that I couldn’t pass up! Really looking forward to sharing my progress with you! Tamsyn x

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