Roses In Teacups

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!

These were some of my lovely £2 vintage pink Aldi roses, which last a ridiculously long time.  Then, when they start to fade, I chop them and put them in a smaller vase or container, which seems to prolong their prettiness for another few days.  Usually I like to put them in little vintage green bottles (see my post here), but this time I decided to put them in teacups, which made for a very pleasing little display, clustered on my mantelpiece!

Progress on the house is coming on in leaps and bounds this month – I currently have my new bathroom suite sitting in my bedroom!  My dad and a good friend of mine along with a plumber are putting the new suite in, as well as a new boiler, which is all very exciting.  I’m also having decking put in the garden, and a summerhouse is on order.  I loved my garden at the old house, so I really can’t wait to have a garden we can use again, and to plant some of my beloved hydrangeas and box balls.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tamsyn x




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  • such pretty pictures! I bought a new box to replace a dead one, Aldi £8. I just need to remember to water this one *ahem*

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