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Hello friends!

I hope the month of March has got off to a good start for you?  Little signs of spring are popping up which is so lovely to see.  I am usually a very fair weather gardener, I shut the doors to the garden in November and I don’t open them again until March.  I watch from the window as nature takes over, before bracing myself for the big annual clear up operation.  This year however, I went out in February, on a particularly mild, sunny day, and tackled it there and then.  A huge bag of leaves collected too make leaf mold, dead stuff cut back, and I even cleaned out the summerhouse!

I am not great at planning, and although I would love to plant bulbs in October for an abundance of spring flowers, what I’m great at doing is ordering them, and finding them six months later still in their packet.  This year, I had such a yearning for the ground to be carpeted in snowdrops, which I need to make happen for next year.  In the meantime, I have planted lots of primrose in the loveliest antique pastels in the flower beds, which is taking me smile when I open the curtains!

In other news, these snaps are from my styling feature in Issue 78 of Reclaim magazine.  (Issue 79 is now on the shelves, and I shot the front cover, so please do grab a copy!)  Here’s a little more about each photo above –

1)Love these vintage ballet slippers, they are from Dora Gray Designs.  The wax flower crown was my Grandmother’s bridal tiara.

2)I got these shutters last year from the antique fair up at the Norfolk show ground, that colour!!

3)My obsession with crusty old paintbrushes continues

4)Annie Sloan sponsors my Reclaim styling feature, so each issue I do one look using Annie Sloan paint, with instructions for how I created the look.  I mixed my own colour for this bench makeover.

For more info on where you can buy Reclaim magazine, head to their website here.

I have given my photography portfolio page a huge makeover (which is still ongoing).  All my images used to be on one page, but I now I have split them into 3 sections, Interiors, People and Still Life.  They still need a lot of sorting and adding to, but in doing this I have realised just how much work I have done, and how proud I am of my work.  Please do head over to my photography page here, and please do spread the word!

Have a gorgeous weekend folks!

Tamsyn x

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  • Janet

    So beautiful as always Tamsyn. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and inspiration

    • Thank you so much Janet, so pleased you enjoyed it xxx

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