A Scene of Serenity and Calm

Hello everyone

I thought a little peace, serenity and calm was much needed this week.  A simple scene to soothe the senses.

This is my son’s room, which has taken me a week to re-paint, to re-hang lining paper and to fill cracks and holes…I forgot how tiring decorating is!  (In case you missed my previous posts, his ceiling fell down, the mess was unbelievable.  But I’m so grateful he wan’t in there at the time.)  Before I moved his furniture back in there, I put this little chair in there to share with you.  I found it at the car boot fair I went to last week, and although I walked away from it a couple of times, I’m really glad it finally came home with me, the print is so pretty.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments you have left me recently – I am a little behind in replying but I do read and appreciate each and every one.

Tamsyn x




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  • I love this chair, I would definitely have walked away with it as well! Tell me it looks very like a vintage balloon back chair, was the back always covered or was it originally an oval shaped wooden back at the top that was just wood and someone has added the back and fabric. I am curious. Love it anyway and the vintage fabric too. So pretty.

    • tamsynmorgans

      Hello there! I think you are absolutely right and that it was once a ballon back chair (I can feel the frame under the fabric at the back) that someone made into a smaller nursing type chair. I am so glad I brought it home!

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