Shades of Aqua

Hello everyone!

I was lucky enough to receive an Anthropologie voucher from the lovely folks I worked with for my birthday in July.  I purchased some beautiful pieces of duck egg blue china, and spent a bit of time re-arranging the top shelf in my kitchen the other day to accommodate my new treasures.  After all, it’s too gorgeous to hide away in a cupboard – if you have fabulous crockery, show it off by displaying it on open shelving or in a glazed cabinet.  I decided to mix my green glass collection with some of my Anthro crockery for a cool display in shades of sea glass and turquoise.  I bought the tiny turquoise bowls from a French market about ten years ago, and I’d dearly love to find some more in that colour.

I’m pretty excited because as well as my Country Living feature, I now have something for you lovely readers in the States because I’m also featured in the Autumn issue of Artful Blogging!  I will do a proper post on it with a few snaps, and I will be posting a PDF once it’s off the shelves so you can all see it.  I wrote the feature myself, so it’s a story very close to my heart.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments recently, both here and on Facebook and Instagram, I really do love reading them and appreciate all the wonderful support you all give me!

Tamsyn x

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