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Hello everyone!

I’m so proud to live in Norfolk.  Over the last fifteen years I have witnessed a gradual change in the air.  You name it – shopping, eating, music, entertainment, fashion – Norfolk is now a very ‘cool’ place to live.  Norwich has become a buzzing metropolis full of independent restaurants, vintage boutiques, excellent pubs and quirky bars.  The University of East Anglia means that now some pretty mainstream bands come to play here, which makes me very happy.  I do love a good gig.

On top of all this, ten minutes out of the city and you are in the most beautiful countryside.  Keep going and you get to the sea.  Here in Norfolk we have miles and miles of the most beautiful coastline, which I love so much.  Whether it’s a traditional fish and chip seaside town, peaceful broads surrounded by reeds, or sand dunes and wide sandy beaches, we have it all.  And you’re never, ever far away from a really good restaurant or boutique hotel.  (Or glamping in tree houses or teepees if that floats your boat.)

So it’s not really surprising that more and more photographic and film shoot crews are choosing to come to Norfolk.  As well as the big skies, big beaches and rolling green countryside, they can also choose to shoot at elegant stately homes, rustic period farmhouses, stunning architect designed glass houses, beach shacks or converted barns.  There’s something for every campaign no matter how large or small.  I’m so excited for my house to now be available as a shoot location at East Coast Production.  For all inquiries call them on 01603 728 978, or drop them a line at  (All images courtesy of East Coast Production).


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  • How wonderful and well deserved – your home is absolutely stunning! When I was Bookings Directer at Elle, I was always looking for quirky and individual houses with period charm to shoot in, and yours would have been an absolute dream! I do miss that world sometimes, but the way you describe Norfolk makes me so proud to live here. It really is a magical county. Thank you Tamsyn, for another beautiful post! xxx

    • Ah Paula thank you so much for your lovely words! We are indeed very lucky to live in such a fab county! xxx

  • Absolutely gorgeous and Congrats!

  • Wow! That's a stunner! I can't wait to see your house in a movie, you'll let us know, right? Congratulations!!!

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