Glastonbury Festival Snapshots

Hello everyone!  How are you all?

I hope July is going well for you.  The last month has been a blur of deadlines, birthdays, and general busy life!

Today I’m bringing you a picture heavy post, with my snapshots from Glastonbury Festival a few weeks ago.  I had a brilliant time, but I always do – there really is something very special about the place.  I’m a bit of a hippy at heart, and the area of Glastobury  is full of history, legends and ancient ley lines, channelling the Earth’s energy.  I think this really explains why I always feel so at home there.

A plastic free festival?

So this year the festival decided to go plastic free, and I know there was a big press hoo-ha on the Monday, when they shared photos of the main stages and all the litter.  Just to get a few things straight – yes, those main stages had tons of abandoned litter.  With around 200k people attending, there are obviously going to be many who are too lazy to take their litter with them and put it in a bin.  However, the noise of walking on plastic cups and bottles around those heaving main areas was noticeably absent this time.    (Although people could still bring plastic into the festival, but no one was selling single use plastic, and it really made a different in my opinion.)

When it came to the areas away from the main stages (Circus fields, Avalon, Green Fields etc), they looked much cleaner and tidier than I had ever seen them.  Everyone I saw had a reusable water bottle dangling from their rucksack, and it was super easy to fill up your bottle at one of the many stations dotted around the festival.   The campsites I saw on my walk into the festival from the camper van field, all looked much, much cleaner than I had seen before.  It’s obvious that the press would only focus on the packed main stages, but I absolutely noticed that the rest of the festival was paying attention and leaving no trace on the farm.

My highlights

Anyway, my highlights were as follows – The Cure (amaaaazing), Kylie Minogue, Johnny Marr, Liam Gallagher (he played tons of Oasis, I always regretted not having seen them in there heyday!), Elvana (a Nirvana cover band fronted by a guy dressed as Elvis!!  brilliant!), and Rocketman at the Pilton Palais big tent cinema.  We spent much of our time away from the packed areas, largely in the Green/Circus Fields.

I’m so glad I took my little Olympus, so I could capture these beautiful silk flags which always flutter in the breeze…I learned that it’s important to ‘look up’ at the festival!

In other news, I have been shooting lots of content for clients, and I’m really excited to share the photos with you when I have the go ahead.  I also went to a floral workshop last Friday with my daughter which was really beautiful, I’ll write a post on that very soon..

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Anyway, my parents are coming up tomorrow to look after my boy, as Lola and I are off to Latitude festival on Thursday!  Better start packing my sequins again!

Tamsyn x

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  • Sheila Earhart

    Love every bit!
    Sheila in Denver

  • Janet Squires

    Beautiful as ever Tamsyn! XX

  • Beautiful photos! And I look forward to reading about the floral workshop you attended 🙂 I’d love to go to one, myself!

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