Snippets Of My Day

Daffodils in green glass vase
Hellebore in vintage bottle
Vintage urn with hydrangeas
Vintage lampshades in pastel colours

Hello everyone

How are you holding up?  I sat here and wrote 300 words for this post, then my website decided to sign me out and asked me to sign back in again… so I lost it all!  So bear with me whilst I try and remember what I wrote!

It’s all still so surreal, and sometimes it stops me in my tracks when it hits me what the world is going through.  It breaks to my heart to see NHS frontline staff saying they don’t have the correct protection they need, such as face masks…

This was a positive thing that happened to me today – one of my lovely clients who I shoot vintage jewellery for, (see some of my work for her here), dropped some stuff off for me to shoot on my doorstep.  We talked through my window, then I went to retrieve it!  Social distancing at it’s finest.  Anyway I did the shoot and we reversed the process, and I’m looking forward to editing those in a bit.

I also took these snaps to share with you, and then went outside to have another go at scrubbing my decking!  I started it own Saturday, it gets so green and really slippery over the winter.  Alas I don’t have an outside tap and therefore no pressure washer, so I do it the old fashioned way – with a scrubbing brush, broom and elbow grease!  It’s about two thirds finished now, and I think that given the current situation, it will be good to have the garden back as a little sanctuary.

I’m hoping to delve back into this basket of fabrics and get sewing again.  Have any of you taken the opportunity to dust off your sewing machine or crochet hooks?

I”ll be back tomorrow evening as I’m blogging every day this week, so I do hope you’ll join me!

Tamsyn x




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  • Leslie-Anne

    I enjoyed your beautiful snippets. It’s a bit snowy and grey where I am so the daffodils are a tonic. Thanks.

  • Amanda Pennington

    What a bright spot to my day, thank you! I always am refreshed by your posts and they’re an especially nice break currently. I’ve been crocheting tiny items for a local crisis pregnancy center when I have a minute, and just coordinated with a friend to help sew protective healthcare masks for a nearby hospital that have a sleeve for inserting a micron filter. They’ll not be quite as good as the H19 ones that are in short supply, but much better than going without. Sewing the masks just hit the social media feeds here this morning for me, not sure if it’s global yet?

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