Spring Sunshine in my Kitchen

Hello everyone!

It’s so lovely to be back home after my little Lincolnshire jaunt.  Today I am catching up with the usual household chores and getting ready for my parents who are arriving this afternoon.  We are going to to clear the allotment and get it as ready as we can for cultivating, so there will be lots of flasks of tea consumed over the next few days!  I am going to also get my dahlia tubers planted in pots this weekend, and I have just ordered some Dahlia Labyrinth plants which will be delivered in May (the tubers are sold out absolutely everywhere).  Labyrinth is a mouthwatering tropical peachy pink large dahlia, and I need it in my life!

I snapped these pictures just now, as there was a very rare moment where the sun shone into my kitchen.  The layout of my house, being a Victorian terrace, means that sun just doesn’t come into my kitchen.  However, during the spring and summer months, there are certain times of the day where the sun bounces off my neighbours window opposite, and pours into the kitchen for a fleeting ten minutes.  So I didn’t even properly style my shelves or work surfaces, I just grabbed my camera and snapped.  You can also see more pops of turquoise in my open shelving which makes me very happy.

I’ll be sure to share our allotment progress with you, and if you are on Instagram, come and give me a follow as I will try to post some images and videos in my stories.

Tamsyn x


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  • I really like your taste, the colour pallet you’ve chosen for your kitchen is just beautiful!

    • tamsynmorgans

      Thank you so much Rachel, so glad you like it! I think pastel shades are so easy to live with!

  • Jana

    This is THE cutest kitchen I have ever seen. These hues, and the personal touch…really magical.

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