Stag Head from The French Bedroom Company

(Item gifted by The French Bedroom company, all views my own!)

Hello everyone!

When I was at the Amara Blog Awards back in October, amongst all the lovely people I met, I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous team from The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of beautiful furniture and home accessories.  They were also up for a blog award, and we had a chat over a couple of glasses of Prosecco.  I have a couple of collaborations with them up my sleeve, the first of which was this blogger challenge that they set.  They sent out this sweet stag head to some of their favourite bloggers, and the brief was to style it for Christmas in any way we fancied.

My original idea was to hang coloured ribbons from the antlers, with brightly coloured baubles and fairy lights, but the first thing I realised was that being white, it needed to sit against colour to show up.  So, after some pottering and pondering, I hung it on this grey board, and then started playing with these hydrangea heads.  Many of these hydrangea heads have been sat in a basket on top of the cupboard in my bedroom, and the colour had completely drained from them, so the plan was to compost them.  A florist I work with then pointed out that you can buy special florist spray paint.  I bought white, lilac and blue, and layered the colour up to bring life back to my blooms.  As you can see, I got a bit carried away with the flowers!  I really like the way the flowers are spilling out of the urn and up the wall, it looks quite magical.

I am back tomorrow with another #swifthomehacks post so please do pop back!  (In case you missed it, you can see my last post here).

Tamsyn x


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  • Julie

    Oh my gosh Tamsyn – that looks amazing !!!I am totally in love with the whole vignette. Yes I have some of that florist paint in French blue which is a great colour for hydrangeas as it looks so close to their natural colouring.

  • Aarsun Woods

    Your post is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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