Still Life Of Ranunculus

Hello friends!

I hope all is good with you, and that February is treating you well so far!  I have been a busy bee.  I have even managed to squeeze in a few days skiing in the French Alps, which was wonderful.  I absolutely love being in the mountains, and the scenery never ceases to to dazzle me.  Although I was only away for three days, we had some gorgeous weather.  On the third day, in the village I was staying in, the air was icy and I could barely see ten meters in front of me.  The furry collar on my jacket was crystallising, and it was looking like it was going to be a no ski day.  (I am a fair weather skier!)  However once we sat on the chair lift, we went up through the mist and suddenly, we were in bright sunshine.  Every time we stopped I took a picture, to remember the view forever.

La Fruitiere Alpe D'Huez

Check out these beautiful tiles I saw in a restaurant!

My children have also been skiing for a few days  with their dad, and I’m really looking forward to them coming back tonight so that we can get on with our half term.  I have been frantically finishing deadlines so that I can be completely focused on having fun with them – a trip up to the coast might be in order!

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x

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  • I’m hoping to grow ranunculus this year, it’s not worked before but this year I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Your pictures from the Alps looked amazing, glad you enjoyed it xx

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