Still Life of Ranunculus and Pretty Things

Hello everyone!

It’s been another busy week here, which seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.  Last Saturday saw the second of our Decorative Vintage Styling Workshops taking place, and it was a really beautiful day with some inspiring ladies.  Everyone left with a camera roll full of gorgeous photographs including me, and I shall share those with you over the next week.

I have spent a bit of time tidying the garden and getting it ready for these sunny days.  I’ve bought a lot of Ranunculus plants from my local market, and they are what you see in the pictures above.  Aren’t they the most glorious colour?

The children and I are off to a little blogger event in Norwich to do some pottery painting which we are really looking forward to!  After that we are going to plant some seeds at the allotment.  I hope you have a wonderful day whatever you are up to!

Tamsyn x


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  • I think that I have just come down with ranuncul-itis. They are gorgeous x

  • These are the most stunning colours Tamsyn, and your styling is beautiful and so romantic as usual! I’m still desperate to find a florist near me that isn’t afraid to venture away from a yellow, orange and bright red colour palette- you always manage to find such pretty, delicate pastels – so gorgeous! x

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