Styling The Seasons – August

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Here is my Styling The Seasons post for August, sneaking it in right at the 11th hour!  I didn’t think I’d be able to post this month – holiday and spending precious time with the children on my non working days were priority, plus my epic attic project has taken a lot of my time and energy.  Moving everything out of the attic for painting and new carpet has left my house looking like a huge jumble sale, whilst I try to reorganise and declutter, so there haven’t been many free surfaces to make look beautiful.

However, I emptied out my rucksack from our Pevensey Bay holiday, and found all the beach treasure that the children had put in there from our beach combing trips.  A little collection of shells had gathered at the bottom of my bag, along with my favourite thing to look for – sea glass.  We also set ourselves the challenge of finding heart shaped pebbles.  A good 45 minutes of scouring the beach resulted in finding these beautiful pebbles.  They might not be the most perfect heart shapes, but they are souvenirs from our week of seaside pottering and simple living.  So, I knew I had to put together a little arrangement using our beach treasure.  On the day we left to come home, before the heavens opened, we went to the car boot fair near the campsite, where I found this mirror for £5.  I gave it a wash of paint to tone down the gold, but I love it, even with its worm holes and missing moulding.

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  • What is it about beaches that have everybody walking along, head down, searching for pretty stones? I feel like I've failed if I leave a beach without at least one pebble in my pocket! I'd love to find some sea glass but it always eludes me…

  • Such a pretty display. I couldn't tell at first if these were dried or fresh, but on closer inspection I see that they are fresh. A beautiful collection of beach treasures.

  • Such a beautiful display. Love the heart shaped pebbles and what a steal that mirror was! You always find such great things. I hope you and the kids had a fab summer xx P.S. I can not wait to see more of your attic project!!

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