Styling The Seasons – February

Hello everyone!

I’m squeezing my Styling The Seasons post in at the very last minute this month.  My shenanigans in the Alps and the routine of work, house, children and play mean this month has whizzed by.  However, I’m feeling very inspired.  We are on the cusp of spring, the house is coming together nicely (a little job here and there means that slowly but surely, it is turning onto a house I love to come home to), and I have enough projects lined up to fill the rest of the year.

Top of my list is planning the planting scheme in my front garden.  I can’t wait to transform it into a little oasis of calm.  There is nothing there at the moment except weeds and rubble.  So, I’m looking through my scrapbook of magazine clippings, browsing Pinterest, and starting to keep an eye out at the plant and flower stall on the local market.  I’m going to need box for low hedging, hydrangea and lots of tall of plants to create a multi layered effect. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty, and to start lavishing love on this little patch of wasteland.

In other news, I’ve finished sanding and giving a wash of paint to the middle leaf of my dining table.  Being the Queen of Unfinished Projects, I was really aware that I didn’t want to be leaving it until the last minute and doing it 20 minutes before dinner party guests arrive (honestly, this is exactly the sort of thing I do!).  So I pulled my finger out and got it done.  And very lovely it looks too.

Head over to Katy’s blog Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts and Lots to see lots of beautiful and inspiring Styling The Seasons posts, or by searching the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons on Instagram.  You can also join in on Instagram by styling a surface in your home according to what that month means to you (don’t forget to use the hashtag!).   You can see my January Styling The Seasons post here.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tamsyn x




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  • Looks beautiful, looking forward to getting back to the garden soon once the earth dries up. My daffodils haven't bloomed yet, they are almost there. Wishing you a wonderful weekend

    All things nice…

  • The perfect table of pretty plant planning! Beautiful x

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