Summer Sleeping

 Hello everyone!

I’m loving these balmy summer nights at the moment.  It feels like such a luxury to be warm at night here in the UK, and one that I’ve been making the most of.  My house, being situated on a hill, and therefore very exposed to the elements, is an ice box in the winter, and I layer up my bed with blankets and eiderdowns to keep cosy.

My summer rituals for sleeping

1) Nothing beats crisp, white bedlinen for summer.  I like to mix it up with some floral pillowcases too, along with a lighter weight duvet.

2) There’s something so whimsical and romantic about a net bed canopy.  It adds a touch of ‘princess’ to my bed!

3) My dear friend Lucy made me these beautiful lavender pillows.  I love to place them under my pillows, and they make everything smell divine – lavender is well known to help aid sleep.

The children and I are off to the south coast for a weeks holiday which I’m really excited about.  I’m hoping that the wifi at the caravan site will be good enough for me to be able to post this week – although my dad says it can be a bit hit and miss!  So if you don’t hear from me, you will know why! We will be spending time at the beach, and taking a day trip to Brighton, so I’m looking forward to taking some snaps to share with you all.

Have a fab week!

Tamsyn x




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  • HI, Love your bedroom. May I ask where you purchased your pillows?
    Thank you

  • HI, Love your bedroom. May I ask where you purchased your pillows?
    Thank you

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