Summerhouse Update

Summerhouse with vintage furnishings
Cow parsley in a zinc bucket
  • Vintage books on bookshelf

Hello friends

How are you all?  The world has been a sad place the last couple of weeks.  Sending love to anyone out there who needs it right now.  I have started a new journey of educating myself and making myself accountable.  I want to help make the change this world so desperately needs, and I’m just very sorry that I haven’t done it sooner.  I saw these words by the activist Angela Davis, and they have really stuck in my mind – ‘It’s not enough to be not racist, you have to be actively anti racist.’  We need to make a better world for future generations, so we need to do the work.

Anyway, I can’t remember whether I shared this with you in my last post, but the summerhouse is finally open for business again, which is completely amazing!  As we enter June and the third month of us being at home 95% of the time, it’s been lovely to have that little space back.  I’ve made a makeshift little table in there for drinks etc, using an old trunk, and a piece of marble.  The trunk will have been a few pounds from the car boot fair, and it’s painted in a soft sage green.  The marble was from eBay years ago, and it sits on the trunk so perfectly!

The panel of very old French lace has been loitering around my house for a few years too, never exactly finding the right home.  So I used a couple of nails and some wire to hang it up as a curtain at the door, and I love the touch of boho it brings to the shed.

I didn’t get to fully appreciate the cow parsley this year as we’re only now getting a bit more adventurous now that lock down is easing.  But a couple of weeks ago, I did go out and forage this bunch from the heath next to my house.  And it looks so perfect in this old zinc florist bucket.

I have been snapping away this last month, so I will update the blog with more posts this week, so please do pop back.  In case you missed my pretty vintage teacup chandelier, you can see the post here.

Take care folks.

Tamsyn x




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  • Janet Squires

    Beautiful as always Tamsyn and so, so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing XX

  • Jo Damara

    My heart always lifts when I see you have done a new post! Thank you for this blog. Glad you found the key and loving the boho chic feel to the summer house this year, beautiful as always x

  • stan aucott

    hi folks…what is the colour of the summer house
    regards stan and marie

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