Sunday Snapshots

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having/have had a wonderful weekend.  I am back into the full swing of things this week, with a tex return to do (not fun!), marketing to do (not too bad!), and Lola’s room to decorate (fun!).  How about you?

Here are a random selection of snapshots from the last week or so that I wanted to share with you, you may have seen some of these already floating around on social media.  But I love to share them here too!

From the top…

  1. A pretty petal flatlay wreath.  I’m proud of myself for getting this far through the winter without my beloved flowers.  Yes I have dried ones, but I haven’t really bought flowers from the supermarket since June/July last year.  Having my own dahlias to pick as I pleased from June until October was such an amazing luxury for me.  And now when I look at the plastic wrapped blooms in the supermarket, they leave me feeling a little cold.  So dried flowers and petals it is until the spring.  I did order my dahlia tubers from Sarah Raven this week, which I am ridiculously excited about!  Lots of peaches, magenta pinks and creamy Cafe au Lait dahlias.  I hope you will love them!
  2. Week three homework for Gloom and Glow, the online photography course I am doing.  I know this is very different from my usual style of photography, but for me 2018 is the year I go fully on to manual and really push myself.  In order to grow as a photographer, it’s vital to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  So this snap is all about cosiness and what it means to me and my little family.  Lola is very good at indulging me when I need a subject!  Books and a cosy eiderdown are her favourite things at the moment, so I decided to capture that.  It took a lot of fiddling but I love this photograph.
  3. More sparkles!  I just love the sparkles so much at the moment.  All my hydrangeas outside are brown and battered now, but I found this one hiding a couple of weeks ago, a single blue bloom.
  4. Nature treasures found on a walk down the lane by my parent’s house.
  5. A still life of calming blues and greens…
  6. More homework for Gloom and Glow…I love the sparkles that the street lamp outside gave me.

Can you believe it was four years yesterday that we moved into our little house?  Hands up who has followed our little journey since?  If you didn’t see them four years ago, check out the pictures I took on the day I moved in!

I have been gifted some incredible homewares by ones of my favourite shops, and I have photographed them with love.  I will share those snaps with you this week, so please do pop back!

Tamsyn x




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  • I’m so enjoying all the sparkles! When do you plant dahlias? I’m inspired by you and want to grow more of my own flowers this year! Xx

    • tamsynmorgans

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying the sparkles, thank you! So dahlia bulbs – plant them in pots March/april, and protect from frosts. Then when the plants are looking bushy plant them out. I highly recommend trying dahlias as they are relatively easy to grow and are so rewarding! xx

  • I think we met just before you moved, I can’t believe that was 4 years ago!

    • tamsynmorgans

      Oh my goodness me neither! It’s whizzed by hasn’t it! x

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