Sunday Snapshots

Vintage cotton reels

Hello friends

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!  Here are a few snapshots from around my home this morning, things that are bringing me joy.

From the top

My rainbow cotton reels, with my dried floral garland in the the back room

I found this little chandelier at an antique fair last year, I love hanging them around the house, they are like jewels and just add a touch of decadence to a corner!

A beautiful handpainted vase I picked up last week at the antique fair in Covent Garden.  I went with my friend Natasha, who owns The Urban Vintage Affair, a gorgeously curated collection of cool antiques and vintage treasures.  We had a lovely mooch through he stalls, and then had lunch, such a lovely treat.  I saw this vase for £10, it’s handpainted and I think it will look fabulous with dahlias in this summer.

I am really wanting to get my crafting mojo back this year, so I currently have a dining table covered in fabrics and my sewing machine.  Before I allow myself to purchase any more vintage fabric, I need to start turning my hugh stash into actual things that I love – cushions, lavender bags, a little case for my camera memory cards.  I am also saving avocado skins so I can dye some vintage doilies and tablecloths.  I tried a couple of years ago, it’s so easy to do.  I will let you know how I get on!

Tamsyn x




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