Sunlight in my Living Room

French daybed in living room
French daybed in living room

Hello everyone!

  How are you all?  It’s been a quiet few weeks here in Norfolk, and it’s been so nice to just appreciate the simple things life can bring.  Although we’ve had gales and storms here (thinking of all the people who have suffered terrible flooding), we’ve also had some lovely sunshine pouring through the windows.  The early morning sunshine that sparkles on the studio wall has gradually reappeared, which shows that spring is slowly tip-toing it’s way back into our scenery.

I have even dusted off my sewing machine for the first time in a long while.  Instead of scrolling, I’ve been sewing, and getting back in touch with my crafty side!  I see so many people apologising for not being around on social media –  I used to do it myself!  But why should we apologise for not being glued to our phones, chasing that high from likes and follows?  Enough on that for now – I have another whole post up my sleeve for another time.

So what else have I been up to?  A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of shooting for my friend, Katie Robbins, who makes the prettiest ceramics.  We spent a Saturday getting creative in my little studio, which gave me the chance to road test my new (well, second hand!) 100mm macro lens.  I’ll share my favourite photos from our day, plus a few tips for shooting ceramics, over the next couple of weeks.

I’ve also bitten the bullet and finally submitted some work for image library.  (Image library, or stock image libraries are exactly that – online libraries of every sort of image you can imagine.  A lot of picture editors and brands use them to get imagery for their brief or project.)  This winter has been very quiet, and speaking to other creative freelancers, I know I’m not alone.  So I’m needing to use my initiative to find other ways to keep the money coming in.  And seeing as I have thousands of images that have never seen light of day, it seems sensible to get them earning for me (hopefully!).  It’s all part of this huge learning curve of freelance life.

I’ve also agreed to do a live webinar (Live!!  Bit scared!) with lots of practical photography tips for makers and crafters.  And although the live element is a bit nerve wracking, I really love sharing the little nuggets of knowledge that I have stored up in my brain.  I will let you know all the info when I have it, so you can join in if you fancy it!

In case you missed my last post about the beautiful Country Brocante, you can see it here.

Tamsyn x

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  • Susan

    I believe when we take a break from all the activities around us we are able to get the creative juices flowing! Works for me, anyway! I really enjoy your photography pictures!

    • Thank you so much Susan, and I totally agree, sometimes you have to block out all the noise and go back to basics don’t you! Spring is coming, and with it I feel a big creative surge!

  • Julie

    Yes I have been not scrolling so much either & it just gives me time to do more creative stuff. I am in love with your shutter that has the wreath hanging from it – I have acquired one & did not know what to do with it so I may “pinch” your idea – it looks so beautiful!

    • Ah thanks you so much Julie, can’t beat an old wooden shutter! Yes, less time scrolling definitely means more time for your own creative endeavours doesn’t it!

  • Katy Noelle

    Hi Tamsyn!! ?? I love hearing what you’re up to! And I agree that it’s so odd that people apologize. ? the ironic thing is, I’m finally able to get back to Instagram and it’s crickets chirping because everyone seems to be taking a break. Sigh. ? I’ve heard you’veall had a load of rain so I’m glad to see testimony to a little bit of sun too. Hope you share some of your sewing and wishing you well!! ?? x

    • Hello Katy, ah lovely to see you here! I am sure that once it warms up and the sun starts shining it will get busier again, especially once the blossom starts to burst open! Hope all is well with you! xx

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