Sunshine in My Bedroom

Hello everyone!

Probably like every blogger at the moment, as soon as the sun pops out I grab my camera.  I quickly snapped these shots the other day of the sweet sunshine streaming into my bedroom, because it’s such a welcome sight.  I have now moved a table into the bay window, so I can sit and write or edit photos whilst looking out across the heath and to the city beyond.  (This makes me very happy!)  My windows may be beyond repair but they still frame a beautiful landscape.

I have another Annie Sloan project that I’ve just completed and am looking forward to sharing with you, this time in my son’s bedroom.  In case you missed my post last week on his bedroom update, you can see it here.

I am pretty excited because next week is the launch of Norwich Fashion Week.  It will be my fourth year helping out behind the scenes, and for me, it marks the start of spring.  Plus it’s an opportunity to rummage through my wardrobe and to get dressed up!

Have a wonderful day.

Tamsyn x


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