The Soft Warmth of Candlelight

Kitchen with vintage candlesticks
Hyacinth bulb in vintage cup
Hyacinth bulb in vintage cup

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share these cosy photos I took the other day.  Nothing soothes the soul quite like candle light, and it’s something that is getting me through these winter days.

I hope you are all ok and healthy.  I know you are dotted all over the world, and as you may have read in the news, here in the UK things aren’t so great, and I know things are tough elsewhere too.  But I’m not going to dwell on it here, I want to uplift with candlelight and vintage treasure!

Anyway, back to these photos.  Once the car boot fairs started up again last summer (I really hope they are able to start up again in the spring – I miss the thrill of treasure hunting so much!), I went for a rummage.  (Covid restrictions were in place of course.)  Weirdly, these chintzy ceramic candlesticks kept popping up, and I love their pretty shapes and the floral patterns on some of them.  Alone, they’re not so striking, but in a group like this, they take on an altogether cooler, more eclectic vibe.  I need some more now, my ceramic candlestick radar is fully alert!  I do wonder whether they were part of a sweet little dressing table set, a tray, a vase and a candle stick, the sort of thing my Grandma might have had.

The ceramic pot and little teacup are very cute planted up with hyacinth bulbs.  If you see any bulbs at the supermarket it’s worth getting some, and planting in whatever vessel you have to hand, as they really lift the spirits.  It’s that pop of green I think, it’s the promise of spring.

I’ve got so, so many photos to share, so I will be back soon!  Take care, and stay safe.

Tamsyn x


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  • Susan Earlam

    Beautiful photos. Take care x

  • Susan

    Beautiful candle stick holders! I love vintage finds! Take are over in the UK from the USA!💓✝️

  • Bryonna

    Very sweet … love this “cosy by candlelight”

  • Lolo Moegans

    Loving it 🫐

    • Thank you so much x

  • Leslie-Anne

    I really enjoy your blog posts as I am not on Instagram but I still want to see your lovely work. Thank you.

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