Vintage Books And Teacups

Hello everyone!

I find myself saying this a lot at the moment, and I’m sure it’s a sign that I’m getting older, but isn’t this year whizzing by?  It barely seems any time at all since the clocks changed, and now here we are with the longest day bounding towards us at great speed!  Now that the roses are out, it’s important to make the time to stop and take in their glorious scent, don’t you agree?

Anyway, I took these photos a zillion years ago, after a particularly lovely car boot fair haul.  Beautiful old books and pretty teacups are the bare essentials of any home I think, especially when it’s so easy to find them still.

I’m going to curate a selection of snapshots that I have taken on my travels recently to share with you over the weekend.  It’s easy for snaps taken on my phone to just dwell there forever, but I’ve seen some lovely sights on my travels over the last couple of months, and I need to share them with you, so please do pop back!

Tamsyn x


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  • Lisa D.

    Such beautiful images, Tamsyn. What do you do with all the beautiful old books that you acquire? My late mother was an avid reader and collected lovely old books with beautiful leather covers such as these, and I still have many of them. Now, it seems as though many people collect them.

    • tamsynmorgans

      Thank you so much Lisa, so kind. Most of the books reside in my dining room in the fireplace, but I also use them as props for photos. Yes I think vintage books are such a collectible thing, they’re just so beautiful. Hope you’re having lovely weekend! x

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