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Hello everyone!

As I explained yesterday (see post here), I had a couple of hours before my train left London yesterday.  So I decided to go for an explore near Liverpool Street train station.  Spitalfields is very close by as I often go for a browse there if I have time before my train, but I decided to walk a little further this time.  Not only did I find the most incredible time warp streets that looked like something straight from a Dickens novel, but I soon stumbled upon Brick Lane.  Little stalls were starting to set up, vibrant with colour and the smell of delicious food.  Side alleys decorated with rainbow hued graffiti art.  Dusty little shops selling vintage collectables and clothing.  Whole side street markets with huge vats of mouth watering stews and curries.  I could have spent hours browsing, meandering through the hustle and bustle and soaking up the atmosphere, but time was short.  Luckily I found this stall, which mostly sold silver and vintage jewellery, as few as a few items of bric-a-brac and two piles of vintage botanical prints, which naturally I homed straight in on!  I picked these three, and they were priced at three for £10, which I thought was pretty good for London.  Plus they’re absolutely gorgeous!  I managed to get them back to Norwich in one piece, so now I just need to decide where to put them.  I think I will leave them unframed as I love how fun and informal they look when taped to the wall – framing them gives them a completely different look I think.

I am editing some of the snaps I took at the Makelight studio, and will be sharing them with you this week.  I am off again on Thursday, this time to Glastonbury festival!  I am ridiculously excited, and also feeling a little disorganised , but I’m sure I will somehow manage to get sorted before I leave at silly o’clock Thursday.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x


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  • Gosh Tamsyn, you have an incredibly busy life! You make me want to get more involved with things and start attending some courses – enjoy Glastonbury. xxx

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